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I am THEEEEEEE BIGGEST skeptic when it comes to "boot camps" but Jada is the most AMAZING individual I have EVER had the pleasure of meeting !!! I have tried a number of group classes and these types of exercise classes - NEVER EVER EVER have I felt SOOOOO at ease, so comfortable and confident and gotten one HELL of a work out!!!!! Jada is candid, honest, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humour If you You or anyone you know Is looking for a FUN, great way to get active and healthy - BYBC is the way to go- for realz!!!!! Jada has changed the skeptic in me - that's for sure! Ty soooo much Jada!

~Vanessa, Nanaimo 2017

"I started Backyard Boot Camp in April 2016. I do it twice a week for 20 minutes. I'm always the slowest in the group, and I'm always doing the modified exercises. I've lost 15 pounds! I've changed my eating, and even though 20 minutes twice a week doesn't seem like much, that's all I needed.

You don't need to be a super fit person to lose weight."

~Taryn, St. Albert 2016


"Went for a run this morning and ran all the way up Boudreau Road, it brought me back to the first time you made me do it and I couldn't run the whole thing. Thank you for being my first step in losing weight, changing to a healthier lifestyle and my "love/hate" relationship with running! Years ago I started your Bootcamp class and you quickly turned it into a family for me! Xoxoxoxoxxox"
~Christina, St. Albert 2015
"Thank you for being such a positive role model and great support for (us) as we start out boot camp adventures. I am so easily intimidated when it comes to physical exercise. You and the other ladies have created such a comfortable and safe environment. Thank you!"
~Carolyn, St. Albert 2013


"Love Love Love Boot Camp! It is challenging me which I like and such a good group of ladies I look forward to seeing you!"
~Sherry, Spruce Grove​​​​​​​ 2014​ 

"I am having a great time, I come home every time after bootcamp and tell my hubby how great it is. I am totally planning on joining next month."

~Laura, Spruce Grove 2013  


"Thank You for bringing BYBC to our area, I LOVE IT !!!!! It is absolutely going as expected and Brianna is GREAT!! I will be returning for the morning classes in June and the rest of the Summer for that matter. Canmore is going to be a much needed RELAX getaway. I cant wait to get my gear on and conquer Hamburger Hill."

~Kelly, Spruce Grove 2013


"Feeling the burn, love it!"

~Maya, Spruce Grove 2013​​​​​​​​

"Back Yard Boot Camp started out as a means to try and improve my health and boost my self-confidence, little did I know it would develop into so much more. If someone told me when I joined, if I even remotely expected to feel the way I do today,  I would have never believed it! I have been a client of Back Yard Boot Camp for almost 3yrs now and am still a very regular client (3x a week – every week) and as most everyone knows that’s an accomplishment in itself! I have also developed life-long friendships, feel unbelievably fantastic, have lost 39 pounds (the right way) and counting, and have muscle to prove it! Jada is fantastic motivator and trainer! She is one of my biggest cheerleaders! I know she ALWAYS has my best interest at heart and pushes me to my maximum potential every class! Today I cannot imagine my weekly routine without Jada and Back Yard Boot Camp!
Thank you Jada – words cannot express! "
~Terrie, St. Albert 2012
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