What is a Beginner Boot Camp?

Whether it’s weight loss, health improvement, or training for a specific goal, our classes offer expert instruction and motivational tools packed with fun and energizing activities such as core conditioning exercises, obstacle courses, drills, strength training, circuit training, stretching and more! 

Protective Eyewear

Personalized Hoodie

Positive Attitude

Yoga Mat in Sling

Bugspray, Sunscreen and Water Bottle

Appropriate Footwear

Dressed for Success!

Dressed for Success!

Q - Do I need to be fit to participate?
A - No! All of workout are customized to meet your fitness and skill level so we’ll start with you where you are at and help you build up your fitness.

Q - Can I come out for a free class to try it before committing?
A - Yes! We encourage it actually! You're time and money is important and we want to see value in how you spend them!

Q - What’s the cost to join the Boot Camp classes?

Click HERE for Boot Camp prices Gst is included. No registration or membership fees. Classes will always run on a month to month schedule.

Q - Can I join in halfway through a session?

A - Yes! Start anytime you are ready! Fees will be prorated.

Q - What should I wear?

A - Dress for the weather! Rain or shine...we are doing this! Some helpful reminders though are: to remember your sunscreen and/or bugspray. A good bra is very important. Proper running shoes help with your foot comfort. in very hot temperatures, although we will find shade, a spray bottle or ice in a tube sock works fantatic to keep you cool!

Q - What should I bring? 

A - Water bottle, 3, 5 or 8 lbs dumbells are typically used. A yoga mat or towel to use for any ground work. Your friends to try the class!