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Pipers Lagoon Vancouver Island

In picture: Trainer Shanaye visiting from Spruce Grove AB May 2017


Our beginner exercise classes are fun and motivational welcoming
all shapes, sizes and fitness abilities. We use Nature's back yard to work our entire bodies and get into shape! 

Spring 2021 BOOTCAMP in Lake Cowichan!


Jada Avon Owner/Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Back Yard Boot Camp was inspired by my own 45 lbs weight loss through a healthy diet, exercise and sheer determination! It has influenced me to help others start their journey to a healthier lifestyle.  I wanted others to be comfortable in an environment where they can recognize the fun, benefits, and camaraderie offered by an outdoor group fitness class regardless of their experience or fitness level.  

In 2009, I completed my Personal Training Certification with CanFit Pro and launched my first All Season Fitness Program and geared it towards beginner levels in St. Albert, Alberta. As we grew, our groups were tailored to work with all fitness levels.  Word quickly spread in surrounding communities and Back Yard Boot Camp launched two more outdoor fitness classes in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain, Alberta. 

I have recently relocated with my family to beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia and proud to call this breathtaking place home! I am very excited to announce the launch of my new Boot Camp starting in the Spring of 2017 in Nanaimo. And now Boot Camps in Crofton and Cedar!


The Many Faces of Back Yard Boot Camp

What is a Beginner Boot Camp Q & A?

Whether it’s weight loss, health improvement, meeting new and encouraging, likeminded friends, or training for a specific goal; our classes offer expert instruction and motivational tools packed with fun and energizing activities such as core conditioning exercises, obstacle courses, drills, strength training, circuit training, stretching and more!

Licenced, Insured and CPR Certified. 

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Q - Do I need to be fit to participate?
A - No! All workouts are customized to meet your fitness and skill level.

Q - Can I come out for a free class to try it before committing?
A - Absolutely! We actually encourage it! Your time and money is important and we want you to see the value in how you spend it!

Q - What’s the cost to join the Boot Camp classes?

A - Click HERE for Boot Camp prices GST is included. No registration or membership fees. 

Q - Can I join halfway through a session?

A - Yes! Start anytime you are ready! Fee can be prorated.

Q - What should I wear?

A - Dress for the weather! Rain or shine...we are doing this! Some helpful reminders are: to remember your sunscreen and/or bug spray. A good bra is very important. Proper running shoes help with your foot comfort. In very hot temperatures, although we will find shade, a spray bottle or ice in a sock for around the neck works fantastic to keep you cool!

Q - What should I bring? 

A - Water bottle, 3, 5 or 8 lbs dumbells are typically used, yoga mat or towel to use for any ground work, and your friends to try the class!

Q - Where do the classes take place? 

A - Outside! We always meet at the same location to keep consistency with our scheduled workout routine. Click HERE for Boot Camp locations. (Note: some locations may have an indoor location for the winter months...TBA)


Q - What if there is lightening, hail and/or if it downpours or the temperature is extremely hot?

A - We do this Rain or Shine! HOWEVER, should the weather be too severe, I will cancel via Facebook, email or text and the class will be rescheduled.

The Many Faces of Back Yard Boot Camp

Canmore Retreat 2011
Friends and laughter!
Getting strong!
Effort face!
Just Jenn!
The St. Albert team.
Mo and Jilly
Camore Retreat 2011

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